House of Capper

Our first project was to raise money to restore the historical House of Capper. Built in 1916, The House of Capper is one of the oldest buildings on the fairgrounds and was “built” by Arthur Capper as a launching point for his bid for Governor. It offered a place to rest, enjoy a cool drink of water and sit in rocking chairs on the shaded veranda.

 For many years, it was used as a bandstand. The building was enclosed and the dormers removed in the 1970’s and was used as the Professional Arts Building to display artwork by Kansas artists until they were relocated in 2005.

In 2007, the House of Capper was renovated back to its original use. This included opening up the structure, making sure all ADA requirements and fire codes are met, as well as, providing a place for Kansas fairgoers to rest and relax.